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About Us.

This new club was formed in 2007, stemming from a long-standing small group of radio control enthusiasts from the Plymouth and East Cornwall areas. Initially it was a couple of guys with stand off scale schooners and one or two IOMs (International One Meters) for good measure, who sailed amongst themselves for the sheer fun of it. These original guys had managed to attract quite new following from ex and current full size yachtsmen plus some other characters that were keen to join in and purchase a yacht.

Due to the numbers gathering on Saturdays our main sailing day along with Wednesday, roughly 8-12 craft on average taking part, a decision was made to get organized by issuing club cards at a very low cost and to encourage members to join the MYA. This primarily leads to getting the boats measured as well as covering the sailors with 3rd party insurance etc. One issue that had arrived, which some guys say is fundamental to the sport, is the Racing Rules. A slow transition toward this has now taken place with these new desirable disciplines and the overall standard of race boat sailing continuously improving. With these factors now built in we can be optimistic somewhat with an increased membership that has trebled within the area.


What do we sail?

Predominantly the class is the IOM, which is the most popular boat within the membership, they give good performance at a sensible price. Boats are either made from wood or glass fibre and have 3 suits of sails allowing us to sail in pretty much all wind conditions. Within the class you will notice that there are a wide range of designs giving differing performance characteristics. Members also have a range of other yachts including Laser, Marblehead and some own designs.


Where do we sail?

Not having any suitable amenities locally in the many public parks of Plymouth or East Cornwall as such to float deep-keeled yachts, despite being surrounded by the English Channel and Plymouth Sound, our sailing waters are situated near Cadover Bridge on Dartmoor, Devon (view map) some several miles North of the City. Free car parking is less than 50m from the waters but with no regular facilities, hence no clubhouse as we are on Dartmoor National Park. It is a bit Spartan (no flat paths) but our enthusiasm overrides those factors.

Get in touch.

For more information please contact Dave Morris on 01752 845686

Happy Sailing!!!

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